Helicopters, drones, then kidnapping: the naval strike against the Houthis

The United States seizes the first shipment of Iranian weapons Directed towards the rebels The Houthis. Thursday, January 11, i Naval military units Serving at the mobile naval base USS Lewis P. Buller attacked a ship off the coast of the USS Lewis B. Buller SomaliaIn the international waters of the Arabian Sea. This news was published by United States Central Command (Centcom).

The Special Forces men carried out the attack with the support of Helicopters And Drones. Once on board the dhow, a traditional Arab sailing boat, they found warheads and propulsion and guidance systems used in Missiles Medium-range ballistic missiles and cruise carriers launched by Yemeni terrorists against commercial ships in the Red Sea as of November 2023, as well as components of air defense systems. The 14 crew members ended up in handcuffs, awaiting trial under international law, while the ship sank.

It is clear that Iran continues to send them Lethal aid Advance to the Houthis. This is another example of how instability is being sown across the region, in direct violation of UN Security Resolution 2216 and international law.Gen. Michael Eric Corella said. “We will continue to work with regional and international partners to detect and prevent these attempts and ultimately restore freedom of navigationThis is the first time since 2019 that the United States has been able to acquire it Elements For Iranian-made missiles. Since the day of the operation they are still showing up Missing Two soldiers and the Central Command confirmed that search operations are continuing throughout the area.

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It was certainly an important success for the American forces in the new phase of hostilities that began following the raids launched by American and British forces on Houthi positions in Yemeni territory. However, according to many analysts, Western operations have contributed to strengthening the rebels' strength. “They are getting what they want, which is to emerge as a more regional player brave When it comes to dealing with the international coalition, which is largely pro-Israel and does not care about its population GazaLaurent Bonnefoy, a researcher on Yemen at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris, said that the rebels’ actions “Generate some form of support for them, both internationally and locallyThis was echoed by Mustafa Noman, the country’s analyst and former diplomat: “I think they dream of being attacked by the Americans or the Israelis because that will turn them into a real power.Resistance'“.


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