Businesses don't order the digital set, according to the iDeo digital agency

The health crisis caused by the Covid pandemic has had a strong impact on the economy, especially small and medium-sized businesses and the self-employed who are not digitized. For this reason, the European Union, through its NextGenerationEU fund, has promoted a Assistance per company of up to €12,000 in the form of non-refundable grants. However, companies do not ask digital kitwasting The possibility of improving its competitiveness and gaining customers in the digital field. thus, iDeo Digital Agency She is responsible for advising, ordering the plan and selecting the perfect digital solutions for every business.

How do I access the Digital Kit plan?

Looking for this program Promote digital transformation, both for freelancers and small and medium-sized businessesWhich may benefit from digitization solutions to achieve presence in Internetthrough the site the web and social network management, as well as virtual office tools, customer and process management, business intelligence, e-commerce, and cybersecurity.

To access the digital suite, the company requesting the feature must be a small business, micro-enterprise or self-employed person, be registered and have the minimum seniority specified in the call, as well as not be subject to any prohibition provided by law, yet on tax And Social Security is not considered a company in crisis. In return, the applicant must not exceed the minimum assistance amount of €200,000 in three years. This way, the mailThe value of the scholarship will be 12000, 6000 and 2000 eurosdepending on the number of company employees or self-employed.

Order the digital set from iDeo Digital Agency

This digital agency is responsible for performing all searches and procedures necessary to apply for the assistance program, without charging an upfront fee. Thus, it deals with Check whether the company or freelance worker meets all the required conditions To access the digital set, and if it is fulfilled, Request a digital voucher with selected financial support For the digital transformation of the client company.

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Then, the iDeo Digital Agency, together with the client, selects and launches the ideal business digitization solutions, adapting the budget to the needs of the project.

In this way, it will be possible Publish from pages the webStores OnlineMobile applications arrive firewallsred antivirus, VPN Search engine optimization, advertising and marketing services OnlineAnd Among other things, for free thanks to the Digital Kit program money.


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