His father kicked him out of the house after he caught him using cannabis, and the 19-year-old froze to death.

He froze die After existence Kicked out of the house From the father to her Joint smokes. Lyndon Turner, 19, was found lifeless in the state Hypothermia In Chobham Village, Surrey. The young man tried to find shelter at night in the parking lot after his father kicked him out of the house and caught him using hashish.

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The parents wanted to teach him a lesson, but all this ended in tragedy. The facts go back to December 2020 but only now it appears the cause of death has been confirmed. The boy, who was an apprentice in a window fitting company, had walked several kilometers after being kicked out of the house. Turner had a car accident and his father thought it was because of the teen’s use of cannabis, so he decided to remove him from his home. daily Mail.

The body of the former Charters School student was discovered by park hikers, who called 999 after Turner was found. Medics did what they could, but hypothermia killed the 19-year-old. The father, who was questioned by the police, admitted that he kicked him out of the house to punish him, but said he was convinced he had a friend who went to him all night.

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