A big hole is forming in the middle of the field... where the Blues play on Friday

Ernst Abel Stadium, the historic hideout of the Austrian national team, showed its limits on Monday when it welcomed Denmark (1-2). As the France team heads there on Friday 10 June, the condition of the stadium, built in 1931 and renovated in 2005, has angered the Danish players. It is evidenced by a large and improbable hole in the middle of the lawn.

If, from a sporting point of view, the Nations League evening in Vienna was marked by the good run of Denmark (victorious 2-1) with a five-point lead over the Blues, who were under watch by Croatia, it was also marked by the events that marred the match against Austria on Ernst Happel Stadium.

While Christian Eriksen and his teammates beat Ralf Rangnick’s Austria 2-1, the “Danish Dynamite” players saw a huge gap appear at the level of the central circle. “There was a hole that was probably half a meter deep. It was in the middle of the field, and it was very dangerous for someone to fall into it. You could break your leg, which upset Andreas Skov Olsen. TV2 Sport. It’s a shame and I’m sure they realize we have to do better. It could have spoiled today’s career, but thankfully it didn’t.”

At a press conference, Danish coach Kasper Hjolmand also released the four facts about the Vienna Stadium: “The stadium is really really miserable. I’m sitting here with a picture of a huge hole in the middle of the field which was directly dangerous for the players. It’s heavy and full of holes. That hole was absolutely horrible.” It’s a very bad football field.”

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But before this mysterious collapse of the ground after the meeting, the playing field had already moved. A power outage in Vienna delayed kick-off, originally scheduled for 8:45 p.m., by an hour and a half. The audience that actually happened in the den of Austria patiently took their troubles by doing “Ola” with their phones flashing. This delay was less armed by Pierre-Emile Hojberg, Monday’s top scorer, who described the stadium as an “amateur stadium”.

Ironically, France’s next match against Austria will be held at Ernst Happel Stadium on June 10. If at that time the gardeners had time to repair the Austrian lawn, then the Austrian Federation had already taken the initiative in explaining that the hole was connected with the recent rains that fell on the Austrian capital.


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