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(ANSA) – BEIJING, April 5 – North Korea will use its nuclear weapons to “eliminate” the South Korean army in the event of a preemptive attack by Seoul: This is a warning from Kim Yo Jong, the powerful sister of leader Kim. Jong Un, reported by state media, launched the second in three days against statements by Southern Defense Chief Suh Wook last week about the military capabilities of his armed forces.

The position of the leader’s sister, who has become increasingly central to Pyongyang’s power structures, matured when North Korea resumed weapons tests in violation of international sanctions and United Nations resolutions, with the launch of its first ICBM as of 2017.

Suh said Friday that the South Korean military has missiles “capable of hitting any target with accuracy and speed in North Korea if there are clear indications of missile launches.”

In response, Kim Yoo Jung reiterated that discussing “Mad Man” Suh ​​was a “fatal mistake”; Where he discussed a preemptive strike against a nuclear power, the official Central News Agency reported. “In the event that South Korea chooses a military confrontation with us, our nuclear combat force will inevitably have to perform its duty,” Kim Yo-jong said, adding that the “main task” of his nuclear capabilities was. The state was the business. As a deterrent, but in the event of an armed conflict, these weapons will be used to “eliminate the armed forces of the attacking enemy.”

North Korea celebrates the 110th birthday of founder Kim Il-sung, grandfather of current leader Kim, on April 15: the birthday of the “eternal president” is one of those events that Pyongyang usually celebrates with impressive military parades, major weapons tests or satellite launches.


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