Lebron James Icon is coming soon to Fortnite

Lebron James fans will be delighted since the basketball player debuted in the Fortnite Icons series on July 15. An opportunity for Epic to once again partner with a global superstar and athlete to promote itself.

Icon of King James, two possibilities

Epic likes to do things right, so there’s no doubt about doing them halfway. Therefore, it will not be one but two different LeBron James outfits that will be available in the Item Shop. And for sneaker lovers, know that these two sets will be outfitted with Nike Lebron 19, the all-new shoe model for basketball fans, and that, in preview on Fortnite!

As for looks, Lebron’s clothing is a mix of character on and off the floor. Includes King’s Bling back accessory, and customized sunglasses (optional). For more fans, it will be possible to complete the mode with the equipment package that includes Le Lion Pickaxe, Wingspan Glider and The Call to Silence (LeBron’s Beat Dance).
Note that the first two items have an adjustment bar that allows players to add twenty golds to their outfit.

The Space JAM: A New Era, also in the spotlight

We told you, Epic is a bit like cross-marketing heads, so the opportunity was taken to celebrate the release of the new Space Jam (a little reminder for seniors, the first was released in 1996…). Available separately, players will be able to wear a Lebron’s Tune Squad shirt as a nod to the movie.

And it’s not over… Obviously a fan of Mexican sandwiches, there will also be a Lebron Tune Squad in the colors of Taco Tuesday (an American weekly ritual where we enjoy tacos with family or friends on Tuesday). Backpack plus the popular new Nike Lebron 19. Bag. If you don’t have the final class on the servers…

LeBron James’ melody costume

LeBron James, Taco Stressed Tuesday

Preview of Nike Lebron 19 on Fortnite

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