Paulina Rubio and Lady Gaga wore wish stripes before Kim Kardashian

All eyes continue to appear as Kim Kardashian looks on the red carpet or events. Namely, the businesswoman has worn clothes that give something to talk about like those at MET GALA and most recently at Paris Fashion Week 2022.

Kim Kardashian caught the eye with her look at the Balenciaga show, where she arrived dressed from head to toe in a yellow wrapping ribbon with the host company’s logos.

Many identified her as a mummy, while others only laughed because the socialite could not walk, while others preferred not to comment. But many remembered the pioneers of the famous yellow ribbon.

Paulina Rubio in the ‘Something You Have .’ video

The video for this dance-pop song was originally included on her seventh album, “Pau-Latina” from 2004. It was filmed in Torrance, a city in California in the United States. His video was shot in one day, with a total of 20 hours of recording and several costume changes.

The shots were taken in a building where Polina had a big party that ended up in a huge disco, where she chooses the music. But it looks very interesting in the material completely covered with tape with the word “Warning”.

Lady Gaga in the video for “The Phone”

The video for the song “The Phone,” which recently turned 12, is a collaboration between Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, and was co-written by both singers included in the singer’s third installment, The Fame Monster, from 2009.

During the video for the topic, Lady Gaga is shown inside a prison, waiting to be rescued by her love, but in the photos inside the cell and some hallways, the outgoing translator wears a security tape of much of her body.

Much has been speculated as to whether it’s a version of Paulina, but now Kim Kardashian has arrived with a look already used by two of the greats and as expected, the controversy erupted among fans of each one.


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