Earthquake, violent shock between Peru and Bolivia of magnitude 7.2, seismic wave orbiting around the world «3B Meteo
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It’s 14.02 Italian time a 7.2 magnitude earthquake It was recorded by the South American Monitoring Network. The epicenter of the earthquake is on the border between Bolivia and Peruhypocentral depth 135 km. At the moment there appears to be slight damage as the central area is sparsely populated but there will be updates. Very violent and deep earthquakes can only be unleashed in terms of two plates continental collision The densest sinks hundreds of kilometers under the lithosphere. The geodynamics affecting the Pacific Rim in South America are among the most intense earthquakes imaginable, with the most catastrophic earthquake in history recorded on May 22, 1960 at 14:11 local time at a location in ChileAnd Valdivia Its magnitude was 9.5 on the Richter scale. So strong earthquakes are nothing new to those regions. The peculiarity of the latter was that, due to the enormous depth of centralization of the seismic wave, the seismic wave traveled so far and wide to the entire planet, and also reached the Italian seismological network where it was recorded with a delay of about 25 minutes, so much so that it was intended for a seismic wave coming from America Central to Italy

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