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We’re asking for the next Call of Duty … We know it should be released by the end of the year. However, the Web appears to have decried the next authorship that may have been so “Disaster”, According to the best science.

Infinity Ward complains about the quality of the following authorship

Call of duty vanguard evening-t-il Disastrous, as everyone expects ? According to recent information looming on the topic, he could very well join the rating of the worst parts of the saga. With good reason, the studio in charge of the development would have downgraded the quality of this long-awaited component. Racing result: a beautiful catastrophe on the horizon. At least that’s what the calculation appears to be expecting New Black Ops Cold Warsz sur Twitter.

“The bad news … # COD2021 (WW2 Vanguard) could have been introduced for a year (it was a year less than that in development). Which means development may be hasty, if not more, than COD Black Ops: Cold War.

As far as I tell you that Nothing promises success For the sake of the future of licensing, whose next game, according to the latest rumors, was dedicated to zombies. The good news about all of this is that Infinity Ward will thus be able to dedicate itself entirely to the production of Call of Duty 2022.

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Call of Duty Vanguard: The 2021 installment will not be worth the effort

The bad news doesn’t end there. Always an industry insider, Tom Henderson added a layer. The latter is not saying his words about the future of licensing. If Black Ops Cold War’s development is tasked with Sledgehammer Games, the game was passed on like hot potatoes to Treyarch at the last minute.

The authorship is supposed to be released in 2021, and the gavel will once again take over. Vanguard … in short, it *** is a disaster., Henderson harassed on his Twitter account. But you’ll find out more about that later.. Expectation does not bode well.


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