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Orchids with their elegant flowers and endless variety of colors are a real treasure ideal for decorating your home. But, often, after the first spectacular bloom, getting it to bloom again can seem like a challenge. However, there are some methods that can be beneficial to stimulate your orchid and be able to enjoy its colors year after year. Here then 3 tricks to make orchids bloom again


Light plays an essential role in the life of orchids. During the winter, place the orchid close to Window with filtered light It can make a difference. However, in summer, find a corner in the balcony or garden that provides light shade, ensuring good ventilation without exposing the plant to intense sunlight.

The heat shock “trick” may also be helpful. Exposing the plant to change in temperature During the day it can be a sign to start flowering again. In particular, it would be ideal to keep the plant warm during the day and in a cool environment during the night. In general, the temperature range should be 5-10 degrees.

amount of light

For orchids, the amount of light they receive is the deciding factor in their flowering. These plants, in fact, They need enough light to start blooming. Although it needs light, it is important to avoid direct exposure to sunlight, which may lead to damage. So you might consider placing the vase on the north-facing balcony, or alternatively, in a corner of the living area that is not directly lit.


Pruning is not just an aesthetic need, it is a crucial step for Ensure its health and subsequent flowering of the plant. When you remove old or damaged branches, you send a signal to the plant to stimulate it to produce new flower stems. It is necessary to do this with Clean and sterilized tools To prevent the entry of rust or harmful bacteria. Also be careful to make a clean, precise cut.

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Do not forget that pruning must be done in a timely manner. Generally, the best time is now After the plant has finished its flowering cycle.

In addition to the little tricks mentioned above, there are some good practices that you should consider regardless of the season and flowering:

  • Specific fertilization: Use fertilizers designed specifically for orchids to provide all the nutrients needed for flowering. These products are balanced to meet the specific nutritional needs of the plant.
  • Correct irrigation: Find the right balance in irrigation, and avoid excess and deficiency of water. Orchids need soil that is moist but not soggy, so it is important to ensure that the pot allows good drainage and that excess water can drain easily.
  • Substrate selection: The best base materials are pine bark, charcoal and moss.
  • Home remedies: Lemon leaf cleaning solution or onion-based preparations can stimulate growth and protect the plant from diseases. Moreover, for your orchids to flourish, you can use coffee grounds as fertilizer: simply crumble it into the soil or dilute it in water.


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