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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov ruled out holding talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “On strange peace initiatives to resolve the conflict,” because “the West, not Ukraine,” decides these potential negotiations, which “doesn’t make sense” anyway because the West uses Ukraine to get “total scope.”

At a press conference in MoscowLavrov said the United States and its allies wanted to implement a “final solution” against Russia “like Hitler to the Jews”. He explained that the United States did not announce a “partial mobilization” (like Russia), but a “comprehensive mobilization of the entire West” with the aim of “dominance” in the world. The first target is Russia, he added, “and then China will come, this is not a joke.” Because of this, relations between Russia and the United States “will never be the same.”. “Things will never be the same again. We warned a long time ago that, well, guys, there will never be a situation where you lie to us and sign papers and then refuse to carry them out.”

Regarding the possibility of Finland and Sweden joining NATO, the head of Russian diplomacy stressed that if this happens, “Russia will take technical military measures on its side of the border.” Lavrov also argued so Russia hopes that Europe will surrender
He described the impossibility of “always lying”, even on the issue of NATO’s eastward expansion. “I cited the example of the first Ukrainian Maidan in 2004, when official Europe said that Ukraine must choose whether to stay with Europe or with us. This was three years before the Munich speech. However, we hoped that the reason would prevail and that I understood. Europe that it is impossible to lie all the time, and it is impossible, for example, to constantly move NATO eastward despite the promises made.

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Regarding the position of the Italian government, in response to a question by ANSA, Lavrov indicated this “It was a surprise for us to see Italy become one of the leaders on the anti-Russian front.” “I love the Italians, – he added, – they are very similar to the Russians, and the Russians love the Italian way of life. I cannot see them as people who build walls and barriers. The confrontational attitude (with Russia) has been imposed on Europe, ”and therefore also on Italy.

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