go guys Cross Commitments: Christopher Cotanso x Blancpain

It has always emphasized its environmental commitments, especially with the establishment Sneakers made from recycled materialsThe tricolor brand continues, in great strides, its path toward more responsible fashion, by dramatically reducing its carbon footprint.

So, to accompany its new ephemeral “Surfing Lab” collection, designed with over 90% recycled materials, the brand decided to honor the name of its line by creating thirty-eight bespoke numbered short panels. True to her convictions and to the essence of her pieces, Faguo contacted independent craft designer Marion Albo, better known as Surfista Surf Boards, to eco-design these assembled surfboards made from recycled materials. Like her collections, which never neglect the environmental dimension in favor of artistic creativity, these boards are mainly made of polyurethane and recycled wood, a first in the surfing world.

Note for those who like to relax on the waves, there is a short board ready to grab in both stores in France from April 5 to June 13. Come on, it’s time to indulge!

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The game from April 5 to June 13, in

FAGUO stores and on faguo.fr

to summarize

The tri-color brand, which never deviates from its ethical commitments, is taking the green wave and presenting 38 collectible and eco-friendly palettes, paralleling the release of the ephemeral “Surfing Lab” range.

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