The airline offers travelers $10,000 to change booked flights

a American Airlines Offered $10,000 to passengers on A national trip Which was oversold so that They will change your ticket in the middle of the A wave of delays and cancellations That the country lives on, local media reported on Friday.

The media picks up the first personal account of Jason Aten, technology journalist for Inc. , who was with his family earlier this week Waiting to board a flight from Minneapolis to Alaska When the airline, Delta Air Lines, announced that it had sold more seats than it could handle.

Los oversold trips It’s common in the United States, especially low-cost airlines, which usually tell passengers before boarding and are looking for volunteers Ready to change your journey Next at no cost or with some benefits, such as a free flight.

However, according to Aten’s account, Delta Airlines was looking for eight volunteers who were offered “cash” of $10,000 privately in exchange for not taking their seats, saying over the loudspeaker: “If you have Apple PaySo they’ll get the money now.”

Aton said he did not accept the offer for reasons he did not want to mention because his wife was “not happy”.

according to New York Post, Which confirmed with Delta that its employees have “the authority to provide compensation” although not in this specific case, the airline announced in 2017 that it could offer volunteers up to $9950 for their tickets when there is an overbooking.

A man who was supposed to be on that flight replied on Aton’s story on Twitter He confirmed that it was true, adding that he also did not accept the offer because he could not leave his wife who had to travel due to health problems.

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That passenger, Todd McCrumb, said in an interview with Today, Thursday, KTVB channel broadcasts that the airline initially He offered $5,000 to those who left their seats, and later raised the number to $10,000.

Delta recently announced it was offering flight changes at no additional cost ahead of the long weekend of July 4th, a national holiday in the United States, after a spate of cancellations and delays due to airline and airport staff shortages from the end of May. EFE

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