Marcela Zacarías: Nosotras vamos siempre por todo, somos guerreras

Mexico faces a very tough challenge in its visit to Great Britain to participate in the Billie Jean King Cup qualifiers by BNP Paribas, which rank the winner to next year’s qualifiers, before the finals that bring together the top 12 women’s tennis teams by teams. .

The visiting team has been on the rise with its captain, Agustín Moreno, since he took the reins in 2017, as it passed through America II, ascended to America I and is now fighting in a higher state where Mexico had not been. Since 1992, when he’s descended from the world group for touring the American region in the last nearly 30 years.

Our players have the motivation. This series was supposed to be showing more than a year ago, so it motivated us for a year. I see them totally fine. We have everything to gain, nothing to lose.

And I know our level is always rising. Our players come with many matches on the WTA circuit, with a lot of play up front. And the group is very close. Captain Moreno said at Thursday’s conference after the draw that decided the playing order.

Clutch confidence Friday it will be the first Mexican, Marcela Zacharia, to jump first against the powerful British team, when he is seen with Katie Poulter, in a cross without previous confrontations.

Current 285 ° WTA, there is not much difference in the ranking with Boulter, 291 °, so this first point can be decisive for the visit. “I’m excited to play for Mexico. I really want to compete.

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Any competitor will be ruthless. They are very experienced, but we’re excited, relaxed and excited. ” Zacarías, who made his competition debut in 2012, is currently the fifth Mexican with the most number of wins in the Billie Jean King Cup.

And while he sees the British as the candidates, he is confident in the warrior stance of American women. “They have the indoor fast lane feature, but we’ve prepared really well these four days.

We are Mexicans. We always go for everything. We are concerned. From the mind we have nothing to lose. They have the pressure of arrangement, experience and play at home. But with us everything can happen, “she is excited.

Friday’s second point will be played by Juliana Olmos and one of the locals, Heather Watson, the series’ Top 100 Players (68 WTA score). Although Ulmus, despite having more than 350 places behind the British, he is confident of doing well in recent months on the WTA circuit.

“I feel very good for tomorrow. I’ve been playing well. With Watson I’ve played twice in doubles, so I know something about her. The singles will definitely be different, but I’m excited to get on the right track.”

I feel this year has gone well for me. You come with more confidence, a higher level. “I’m ready to play,” she explained at the press conference. Without a fuse Mexico arrived in London without its second racket, Renata Zaraza, who has been suffering from knee pain for a few years.

“Renata is not part of the team because she has suffered knee problems for three years and her doctor has advised her not to play on hard surfaces, which is why she is not here with us,” Captain Moreno said.

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This makes the locals even more favorable, giving the captain a visitor peace of mind. So do the members of the Mexican national team. “I’m very excited to play. I’ve always loved playing for Mexico.

“I’m happy to represent my country again,” said Zakaria, who will go first again on Saturday when he becomes his rival, Watson, before facing Olmo Poulter in the fourth point of the series.

Experienced doubles player Olmos is aiming to reach the fifth point with the chances, accompanied by Fernanda Contreras, of giving the possible final point to Mexico. Contreras specifically said Thursday that the preparations were “perfect” in London, adding that the joy of returning to competition, in these times of the pandemic, is a special reward for Latin America.

“We had good energy as a team. If someone feels this, and we are all behind the support, then we can surprise. We had a perfect setting. We’re fine.”

Away from the current situation with the Coronavirus and the restrictions, it is very important to be able to play. ”The two countries clashed in 1973, in what was known as West Germany, with a positive outcome for the Europeans.


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