The ruling coalition, Bennu Bok Yakkar, conceded defeat in a simple statement. “Overall, national trends have given our alliance a great success in many regional and sectoral capitals (…). However, our desire to capture Dakar and Jiguincher in particular is not firm.”, Underlined in the press release.

Opposition lists were led by Bartholomew Diaz, a close ally of former mayor Khalifa Sal in Tucker, and one of the main contenders in the 2024 presidential election, led by Usman Sonko by the largest city in Casamans (south), Jiguinchor. Number of protests in March 2021 that rocked Senegal.

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Official results on Monday morning have not yet been released. Sunday’s vote to elect mayors and department heads is a test of power and opposition five months before the legislative elections.

More than 6 million Senegalese, of a population of 17 million, were invited to decide between 3,200 lists in more than 500 town halls and more than 40 sectors.
Measuring the popularity of the coalition, which has been in power since 2012, the consultation took place five months before the legislative elections and two years before the end of President Mackie Salle’s second term.

Six million Senegalese people were invited to vote

Re-elected in 2019, Maggie Saul, a leader asked by the international community about Sahel’s crisis or debt problem, remains unclear about his intentions for 2024.

The constitutional amendment passed in 2016 limits the number of presidential terms to two. Voices suggest that this reform may have reset the counters to zero, as happened in C டிte d’Ivoire in 2020 for Alcn Outerra. Maggie Sal refused to watch the contest for the third time, one of the slogans of the demonstrations. Opposition in 2021.

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Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections for the third time

There will be elections “A good barometer before the legislative elections is to see if the grip of power on local bodies is eroded and undermines the omnipotence of the ruling coalition. Its engine is the APR.”, Alliance for the Republic, President’s Party, Political Analyst Barka Ba explained.


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