Kiev, “Russian Saki Air Base struck in Crimea” – breaking news

The Ukrainian Air Force announced that it had struck at night the Russian Saki air base in occupied western Crimea, destroying it. This was stated by Air Force Commander Nikolai Oleshchuk on Telegram, citing Ukrainian media. “All targets have been hit!” “Unfortunately, our Air Force was left without an observation point in Crimea!”, General Oleshchuk joked when making the announcement, acknowledging the work of “Ukrainian Air Force pilots” in the operation. The Defense Ministry in Moscow says Russian forces shot down the plane. Four Ukrainian missiles were fired over the Crimean Peninsula, without causing any damage, while witnesses said they heard loud explosions.

Ukrainian media report that the Saki base, adjacent to the town of Novofedorovka, is the headquarters of the Russian 43rd Aviation Regiment, which operates in support of Russian forces in southern Ukraine and is equipped with Su-24 bombers and Su-24 fighters. 30.

Most recently, on January 4, there were explosions in Sevastopol and Gevpatoria, also in Crimea, which the Russians militarily occupied and annexed in 2014.

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