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The movie “Batman” has been at the box office in North America since its release.

Batman – Chest Batman In the cinema it has unexpected consequences. something on the wayFrom the album, Kurt Cobain Nirvana song Did not matter Released in 1991, it is making a strong comeback in the United States thanks to the Matt Reeves movie, starring Robert Pattinson.

Used several times on the original soundtrack for the feature film, the title was after diverse Third place in Spotify’s Top 50 across the Atlantic on Friday, March 11th, seven days after the release of Batman in American theaters. heat waves Glass animals de Glass et We’re not talking about Bruno (from the animated movie Charm) occupied the first two places.

Two days ago, the Swedish platform announced on its Twitter account that the number of streams from something on the way by 1200%.

Second guy for the piece that isn’t limited to Spotify. according to MRC . datathe North American music sales data provider, the song was streamed nearly 3.1 million times across all platforms in the first four days of Batman In the cinema. Which is an increase of 734% over the four days before the film’s release.

“Batman” has been flawless since its release

The success also allowed for the album Did not matter To appear at the ninth place among the best selling CDs and vinyls on Amazon Music last week. The author had spent two weeks at the top of the Billboard 200 in the early 1990s.

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“When I write, I listen to music, and as I write the first chapter, I put something on the way Nirvana, has captured Matt Reeves, to empire in December. “That’s when I thought it wasn’t just the playboy version of Bruce Wayne we’d seen before. There was another person who went through tragedy and became reclusive.”

as pointed out BFMTV This Sunday March 13th something on the way It is now categorized VI From Spotify’s Top 50 List of US Spots Over the Weekend Sweetest pie Die Megan The Stallion and Dua Lipa, Super Gremlin From Kodak Black et al stay By The Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber. Place still has a monday.

Batman, which features a young and tormented version of Batman, has been at the top of the US box office since its release on March 4 (March 2 in France). The feature film grossed nearly $240 million across the Atlantic, to which $224 million was made internationally.

In France, the film total is approx 1.2 million entries In the first week of her employment. A spin-off series, centered on Penguin performed by Colin Farrell, has already been formalized by Warner and DC.

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