The arrival of Republican senators across the border into Mexico raises tensions again


As President Joe Biden played the day before on the immigration crisis on the border between the United States and Mexico, 18 Republican senators led by Ted Cruz arrived in the border town of McCallon on Friday, March 26, opposite Rhinos. But their visit was not appreciated by everyone in the Rio Grande Valley, with some accusing them of giving false information for election purposes.

With our Special Correspondent in Brownsville,Thomas Harmes

Greet the Border Guards, visit a Unsupported miners… According to Ted Cruz, the senators’ visit should show Americans the health risks of immigration : These illegal immigrants, about 50 km from McCallon, have tested positive for Govt-19, which is seven times the population of the United States. »

« Political props »

This information irritates Tricia Cortez, who runs the Rio Grande Research Center in Laredo. According to her, the senators’ visit only serves populist interests : We are tired of being political props for people who do not live here. This leads to a complete distortion of the reality of the situation here. »

AT Brownsville bus station where immigrants pass, One of the volunteers behaves cynically : They are coming, and of course the border guards are the best, and all of these asylum seekers say the situation is terrible and that they are only bringing bad things to the people of Texas., s’énerve Andrea. There is absolutely nothing in Ted Cruz saying that I can trust. »

Continuous tension

It must be said that the arrival of Republican senators has renewed the continuing tension on the border in recent years : Supporters Donald Trump Groups of militants have chosen this time to hold rallies on the Texas border.

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