Trailer, release date, pre-orders... first info

On this last day of Euro 2020, which seems to be already written go home Basically, Electronic Arts has revealed a first trailer and information intended for those who don’t want to wait to watch the next football match.

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FIFA 22 will be available on October 1, 2021 on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, PC, Stadia, PS4 and Xbox One. For new generation devices and the Google platform, it has been determined that they will be based on “Revolutionary HyperMotion Technology, which enhances every movement on the field“.

Promise of better goals, revised ball physics, sprint rewrites and more tactics. Kylian Mbappe is on the cover, this year’s ambassadors are Heung-min-sun, Phil Foden, David Alaba, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Christian Pulisic.

Here are all the features detailed by EA Sports:

Capture 11-11 Advanced

Xsens jerseys allow, for the first time, to capture the movements of 22 professional soccer players with full effort. Thanks to the impressive volume of highly detailed human motion data, the movements of players and teams are reproduced with pinpoint accuracy in FIFA 22.

machine learning

Thanks to the powerful algorithm of our machine learning system, more than 8.7 million motion capture images are analyzed and converted in real time into new animations to create stunning realism anywhere in the field.

RALIST . Collective Movements

For the first time, the Xsens jerseys record every check, tackle, acceleration and duel of the 22 players in a full effort to collect data and then transcribe it into over 4,000 new animations in FIFA 22 in order to give more intensity, interactivity and intensity to every player on the field.

Tactical Artificial Intelligence

With the most advanced game intelligence from next-generation consoles, each player is better aware of offensive and defensive devices and movements in order to show greater tactical realism.


Players can now make up to 6 decisions per second to better understand their surroundings, adapt ball calls and respond better to moving balls.


Defensive AI has been reworked so that each team acts like a block able to maintain its position on the ground and better cover spaces.

ML – flow

Processing more than 8.7 million images from advanced footage of 11v11 matches, the ML – FLOW algorithm allows new animations to be created in real time so players can better adjust their audience and running speed. Control it or hit it more easily.

Cintiq Ariane Doyles

The technology used during the duels synchronizes the animations of the players and enhances the realism and responsiveness when fighting in the air. Watch players push each other, pull their shirts, and scramble each other for cross passes, passes and long passes. The head game becomes more efficient and the result of the duels is more clear.

More fluid ball control

Thanks to the redesigned animation, ball control is more natural and fluid than before. Players control the movement of the ball in aerial duels and gain flexibility during the gravel phases, ball protection positions are more powerful to give you more freedom to attack in FIFA 22.

players mind

With the introduction of Capture 11-11, new animations in the non-spherical gameplay stages bring players to life on the pitch. Watch players talking to each other, pointing fingers and siding. Action is also more intense during emergencies to make FIFA more realistic and immersive than ever.

With regard to situations, They will be here soon. This is the first information

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Live out your wildest dreams in FIFA 22 Career Mode by creating a club that you take to the landing gates to build a great picture. Take advantage of a rethought career as a player with more room to advance and achieve your goals during the adventure of a professional.

Volta football

VOLTA FOOTBALL returns with a greater focus on your instincts, and you’ll discover new ways to show off your style and stay connected with your team on street soccer fields across the planet.

Professional clubs

With new customization options for your club’s stands and garden, a new player progression system that gives you better control over the evolution of your virtual pro, and a social gaming experience that lets you find your next game that will make your next game easier, it’s time to assault a new season of pro clubs.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team redefines the way you play in Division Rivals and FUT Champions makes it easier for you to compete against other players in order to progress. You also have endless possibilities to make your club unique with extensive customization options on and off the field. Finally, with the creation of FUT Champions, celebrate the return of the players you loved so much.

There’s already an appetite for tougher, nostalgic folks, as the popular FIFA Ultimate Team looms with new maps:

Hros FUT

Celebrate the players who made football history with FUT Champions, the new items that represent the unforgettable moments that made them a fan favorite.

FUT Champions have a unique tournament collection at a time when you made them champions. They offer a green club link with any player in the same league as them in addition to their usual national league. It gives you new options to build your squad and immerse yourself in the moments to remember in FUT 22.

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At the moment, we find in this list of players legends like Mario Gomez, Tim Cahill, George Campos, Diego Milito, Fernando Morientes, Samir Al Jaber, Robbie Keane, Abedi Bale and Clint Dempsey. The others will be announced in August.

Upcoming bids

No doubt, once the launch date is set, to prevent the wallets from being opened. so you can dj Pre-order FIFA 22 on advertised media. As you can imagine, the editor has already planned several releases and benefits for those in a hurry.

And therefore, Standard Edition (69.99 € on PS4 / Xbox One, 79.99 € on PS5 / Xbox Series X | S) It gives you access to the game as well as:

  • 1 Team Player of the Week 1
  • Kylian Mbappe in the staff
  • Choosing a FUT Ambassador player on loan
  • Talent in Career Mode

L’dition Ultimate (99.99 euros) It will allow you to launch the game from September 27, with:

  • Limited Time Offer – FUT Champion Player Item
  • player item to watch
  • The right new version – play the PlayStation 5 version for free
  • 4600 FIFA Points
  • Team Player Of The Week 1 Item
  • Kylian Mbappe in the staff
  • Player selected as a FUT Ambassador on loan
  • Talent in Career Mode

Finally, EA Play subscribers get 10% off prcos plus a trial from September 22nd for 10 hours. They will also be rewarded with the Ultimate Team Season Experience Bonus, custom content, VOLTA Football Season Extensions, and monthly FUT Stadium customization items.


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