Justin Bieber: Hailey Baldwin répond aux rumeurs sur sa grossesse !

Wrong warning! Hailey Baldwin is said not to be pregnant. On the web, Justin Bieber’s love finally recovered the truth.

For days, Justin Bieber fans were thrilled! For good reason, some thought their idol would become a father. But his wife Hayley Baldwin denied the rumor with a simple comment. MCE TV shows you everything.

Hayley Baldwin and Justin Bieber have been the target of many rumors.

Just like his life, Justin Bieber’s personal life has often attracted the interest of the media, but also his fans. In the last message, Everything is good for him!

In recent weeks, so has the singer Series of trips to all 4 corners of the world! Not far from LA, the translator of “What You Say” was able to recharge his batteries with his beloved Hayley Baldwin.

Lovebirds put their suitcases down for a while In France before flying to Greece. On a daily basis, all of their actions are divided on the web.

Remember the video from last July 12th Justin Bieber in Las Vegas caused a stir. In fact, in essence, there were internet users Believed that the star is mobilizing his wife!

Not one or two, the best model was captured on his social networks to recover his truth. ” I had the best time surrounded by so much love. Any other account is invalid. Do not feed the negative bullshit ”, Thus I was able to know the beautiful blonde on the web.

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Apparently, love birds love each other on the 1st day. A recent release to that extent Justin Bieber has caused as much buzz as ever. Proof in pictures!

Beautiful blonde is not pregnant

On July 19, Justin Bieber fed his Instagram feed as usual. This time, he shared this amazing photo of himself and his girlfriend. But its Legend has it that his followers went berserk.

“Mom and Dad”, Thus wrote Jatan Smith’s Azolite. Simple words to convince tabloids and fans of a subject: Yes, Hayley Baldwin will be pregnant!

“OMG, I can’t believe it”, “The baby is on the way. I know that “.” The best parents ever! ”, “It’s so exciting to see their baby’s face. It’s so good.” You can read about this media frenzy on the web.

But other fans of the Bieber pair wanted to be careful. ” I doubt it. Hayley wants to do a lot in his life, and Justin has been on his tour, “” I don’t think so. He said he wanted to wait until the end of his life On tour before having kids with her ”, “She said she was not ready to have children,” he said. The fans of the two stars have confirmed the page.

Finally, Hayley Baldwin finally got out of her place. “I think you should probably change this title to‘ Dog Mom and Dad ’, Promised the best model. In other words: “Mom Dad Dad Dog”.

If Justin Bieber never hid his desire to expand his family like his girlfriend, This does not currently apply. To be continued!

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