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Mario Draghi was wishing Remote post by Vladimir Putin To the next G20, to be held in November. It was a way to punish the Russian president by physically emphasizing his distance and isolating him from other leaders. But the rotating presidency of that G20 rests withIndonesia And the president of that country had a different idea: to use that summit (which will be held on the island of Bali) for there Resumption of dialogue between Putin and Zelensky.

initiative Goku Widodo It talks a lot about the different approach between us Westerners, and the majority of countries that have opted for some form of non-alignment, for example by refraining from applying economic sanctions against Russia. Joko Widodo launched his diplomatic initiative just these days, near the G7 and NATO summits, of which he was invited as an observer to the first of them. Taking advantage of his trip to Europe, the Indonesian president added two stops: The first in Kyiv yesterday, the second in Moscow today. So he decided to Zelensky’s invitation to the November summit, despite the fact that Ukraine is not a member of the G-20 (it belongs to the twenty largest world economies based on GDP). But The same invitation is addressed to Putin, who has already decided to accept it. Without mentioning remote sharing.

So, Indonesia, instead of meeting Draghi’s invitation, would like to coordinate Twist, hosted the first meeting between belligerents Putin and Zelensky. Of course November is still far away. From here to anything, anything can happen. Given the intensity of the fighting, the idea of ​​waiting another five months before beginning negotiations seems tragic. At the moment, Goku Widodo has moved The most tangible gesture ever made to imagine a place and time for dialogue for a cease-fire. It pairs, in a sense, with The initiative that Turkey continues to implement to lift the ban on wheat and grain exports from Ukraine Toward the rest of the world across the Black Sea, nonaligned diplomacy, and specifically that of the East, shows a dynamism that matches the ambitions of these emerging powers. Not only is there America, Russia, China and the European Union, the world sees a series of second-tier regional powers asserting themselves, with strong national identities and a spirit of autonomy. The chances of Goku Widodo getting to the truth are slim. But to push it there The risk of a global food crisis that would hit poor countries above all else. On this front, Indonesia plays a leading role above all else as the primary producer and exporter of palm oil, the most widely used cooking oil on the planet, a staple food in many poor regions.

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