VS/Stunning 'Save' of Chrythian Paredes in Portland Victory

Paraguay abroad

September 30 08:20

Paraguayan midfielder Krischian Paredes put on a superb display in Portland Timbers’ 2-1 win over Los Angeles FC over MLS. It was during an attack by the opposing team that the Guaraní footballer left his life in motion and regained the ball in an impressive fashion.

In the 40th minute and an empty scoreboard, the Congolese striker, Ngalina, ran with great determination and speed towards the Portland Timbers goal, but when he was about to shoot, Paredes appeared, with a deft cross pass, to put out the fire and unleash. applause.

The match was held at the Bank of California Stadium in Los Angeles, and achieved a 2-1 victory for the visit, with goals from Colombians Yemi Chara and Dayron Asprilla. Danny Mosovsky scored for the local.

Krischian Paredes, 23, was on the field for 75 minutes to round off 6.8 points. He won 4 out of his 8 matches, and managed to save 2 shots, a penalty kick, 2 rounds and an interception. It’s a very hard night for the former American sun.

The Paraguayan footballer has played 14 matches this season, with his team ranking fourth in the Western Conference with 43 points. It also brought two sacred cries.


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international football

September 29 22:50

At the Defensores del Chaco, Libertad blundered innocently and was left without a hit, empty-handed and without the continental final he had been dreaming of. The Brazilian Bragantino won and qualified for the decisive match of the Copa Sudamericana.

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From the start, Gumarilla’s defense line showed insecurity. The lack of attitude and poor style of coach Daniel Garnero was also somewhat noted.

All this made the work easier for the Brazilian team, when Thomas Coelho took advantage of the passivity of the last local streak, taking his right hand that veered at Barbosa and drew attention in the corner.

Joma had an unbeatable chance to equalize, but inexplicably, Diego Vieira took charge of the free kick. Kicked to the middle and down, the opposing goalkeeper stayed still and was blocked.

After that, “Alpenegro” had countless opportunities, both in the first stage and in the second half. For example, Melgarejo crossed the middle and fired Tacuara right where Cleiton was. Then, once again, Coelho was free of marks and correctly identified against Assen Martin Silva.

With offensive changes and the team that was doomed to go after the opponent, the “cabbage” left spaces behind. Artur took advantage of that towards the end of the game, placing third for the club from the neighboring country.

The crowded cabbage that was present in Saxony exploded in fury against the team and also against the Argentine coach, to various cheers.

In this way, Bragantino leads 5-1 overall, against a disappointed Libertad at this semi-final stage, where more was expected.

Game details

Stadium: Defenders of the Chaco.
Rule: Nestor Pitana (Argentina).
Auxiliaries: Juan Pablo Bellati and Christian Navarro (Both from Argentina).
Fourth ruling: Luis Queiroz (Ecuador).

where: John Ospina (Colombia).

AVAR: Victor Hugo Carrillo (Peru).

AVAR 2: Cristian Liscano (Ecuador).

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prohibited: Lionel Fangione, Daniel Bocanegra, Camilo Mayada, Alexandre Barbosa, Diego Vieira (Libertad),

Objectives: 53′ Lorenzo Melgarejo (Libertad), 10′ and 57′ Tomás Cuello, 83′ Artur (Bragantino).

Freedom (1): Martin Silva Camilo Mayada (Ivan Ramirez), Diego Vieira, Alexandre Barbosa, Lionel Fangione (85′ Matias Espinosa); Lorenzo Melgargo, Daniel Bocanegra, Hugo Martinez, Rodrigo Pugarin (45 Sebastian Ferreira); Julio Inchizo, (65′ Bautista Merlini), Oscar Cardozo, (65′ Marcelo Gonzalez). DT: Daniel Bocanegra.

Red Bull Bragantino (3): Clayton. Aderlan, Leo Ortiz, Fabrício Bruno, Edimar (76′ Luan Candido); Jadsom, (75′ Evangelist), Eric Ramires, Praxedes, (55′ Natan); Italo Artur (66 Gabriel Novaes) Thomas Coelho (66 Helenho). DT: Maurice Barbieri.


international football

September 29 21:19

It was a dream of the continental final in Libertad by the way. Bragantino beat him 3-1 as a visitor and with a 5-1 aggregate score, he qualified for the Copa Sudamericana final. Daniel Garnero of Team “Guma” analyzed it after the match.

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“There were many situations, especially our position and the lack of that effectiveness to get us into the game, we made a mistake at the moment that we could have been excited, we wasted them and the opponent did not, that was the big difference in the match. The team understood the difference. The situation. which we were in, and unfortunately it was not effective,” he began by saying.

“In the first leg we paid dearly for our mistakes, the opponent turned us there. Today we created clearer positions, but since we weren’t efficient we couldn’t get into the series so we paid for it in the end. My way out of where I don’t know what you asked me . Where am I going?” He thought about it and made it clear that he had no intention of quitting.

In the end, he analyzed his team’s performance in the continental championship, where they were eliminated from home in the semi-finals, giving the feeling that more could have been done.

“We had a lot of load, and little effectiveness. We’ve had so many series, and today I can’t say I’m satisfied, I’m so angry that I didn’t make it to the final. But getting to the semi-finals always adds up to the teams. Reaching the semi-finals in The international tournament is not simple.. we played 15 tough matches on tough pitches.”



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