“Sea vampires” are on the rise, what are they and where are they

“Sea vampires” are on the rise, disturbing the waters of our planet: they are fearsome parasites that feed on other fish. Let’s find out in detail what they are and where they kill.

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the Our planet is animated by diverse creatures that are truly awe-inspiring. While some of them are incredibly beautiful, the same cannot be said of others. In fact, there are very scary organisms that sometimes endanger us. If you are afraid of insects and just the thought of seeing one makes you shudder, know that you don’t just have to be afraid of these animals: the sea holds some really scary animals. Likely imagining some kind of horror movie living in the water, your thought immediately goes to sharks, but it’s not just them that make the water shiver.

Really fear are Sea vampires, who are afraid not only of us people, but also of other fishThese nasty parasites have been on the rise lately especially in American lakes, creating a scary scenario. In view of the many endangered animals, one would think that it is a good idea that some of them are increasing, but in this case it is not. Let’s find out together what these terrifying animals consist of, where they grow and the reason for such an increase.

“Sea vampires” are increasing: what is it and where to kill

Null, the situation is dire in America
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One of the most disturbing creatures that move the waterI Sea vampires are made from sea gelAlso known as Petromyzon marinus.

These are parasitic fish that are known to be predators of other fish. In addition to being fierce, its appearance is characterized by a very elongated and cylindrical body. The most terrifying detail is their mouth, complete with cone- and lollipop-shaped teeth, with which they wreak havoc on the sea floor (Discover other very special marine species here).

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Weighs 2.5 kg, in their period The presence is increasing, especially in the lakes of the USA. This increase is not positive at all, given that they feed on other marine creatures: they feed on animals, in particular by eating trout and salmon, and are therefore at great risk.

A lake in the United States is in danger from sea vampires: details
Lake in the United States in danger from sea vampires (Pexels) – Orizzontenergia.it

File appears The growth of these aggressive fish is driven by climate changeWidespread in the Atlantic due to increasingly warming waters, they move en masse in large lakes, where they put many other species in great difficulty. The situation is deteriorating in America where remedial measures must be taken, but no dedicated solutions have been found to stop this situation.


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