If you have a jade tree, beware of the cold: here are the consequences

Fat plants And low temperatures: These are things that are not made for each other but let’s go into more detail. yours jade tree, Also known by botanists as ‘Crassula Ovata’, it can suffer severely from the cold and low temperatures of late fall, or worse, winter. For this reason, with the arrival of October, we should learn how to prepare this tree for the most severe cold to avoid what is called “thermal shock”. But first of all let’s try to get to know this plant better.

The jade tree is a small tree characterized by its many trunks and succulent leaves. It is a very common tree inside homes. Sometimes you can also find them carved in a way very similar to bonsai, also taking into account the fact that as they grow older, they acquire a strong character. Moreover, they are very easy to grow and require plants Very little care.

Returning to the previous discussion, let’s talk about it Thermal shock. We refer by this term to that state in which it is plants It is exposed to a sudden change in temperature, which usually turns from hot to cold. However, there are some temperature changes that are normal at any time of the year, but during the fall it is easier to suddenly go from moderate temperatures to freezing cold. However, this can occur between day and night temperatures, or from one day to the next even without a change in season.

Jade tree and hail: what is the relationship?

But what are the risks in this case? So, if he suffers one Thermal shockThe jade tree can react to some signals that are often unambiguous and you just need to know them and know how to recognize them.

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One such sign is sudden leaf loss which should never happen in a jade tree, even when the plant is exposed to the lowest temperatures. Another unmistakable symptom is the curling or drying of its leaves, as in this case it is…tree He becomes weaker and is exposed to other annoying problems.

In practice, we need to accustom the plant to the cold, but what can we do? If you will keepJade tree Outside, know that the plant can withstand temperatures of up to 8-10°C without suffering excessively.

In fact, it often happens that the plant is seen as an ornamental for outdoor environments or public squares but this is only possible if the plant is used at home. Fredo. Therefore, if we keep the plant indoors in the fall, we must start by taking it outside but only in the central hours of the day, and then gradually extend its stay outside.


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