Coca-Cola and Pepsi are in danger: stocks are running out

Soon, the news about the two famous companies spread on the Internet. But what exactly is going on?

Two of the most famous and beloved soda brands are in great danger, as they may soon be built Shortage of stocks In Italian and international supermarkets. All this is due to a specific conflict that has arisen in recent weeks.

End of Pepsi and Coca-Cola stocks –

We are talking about the political instability that arose in Sudan, which leads to a heavy firefight, fraught with danger for all residents and foreigners residing on the site. In fact, various embassies moved to save their citizens, including the Italian embassy, ​​which managed to return the Italians who were in Sudan to Bel Paese.

However, this conflict threatens not only the safety of the population, but also the production of some commodities, such as the drinks that you specifically produce. Coca-Cola and Pepsi. But let’s find out why together.

Raw materials are at risk of running out

To create the soft drink, international producers need the raw material which is gum arabic which is mostly found in Sudan. Actually approx 70% of the global supply Arabic gum, for which there are few alternatives, comes from acacia trees in the Sahel region.

End of Pepsi and Coca-Cola stocks –

With the instability Sudan has been facing for some time now, companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi have long mobilized to stock up, which according to experts should continue. From three to six months. So far, the conflict appears to be concentrated in faraway regions, but in the recent period the latter have moved in, thus hampering the entire economy.

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This may mean that the stocks of large companies will soon run out because they will not be able to reclaim other gum arabic. This means that products such as soft drinks may soon not be available on the shelves of international supermarkets.

They are produced every year About 120,000 tons of gum arabic worth more than one billion euros. It is currently impossible to get more gum arabic from rural areas of Sudan due to unrest and roadblocks. However, many companies cannot continue production without using one of their raw materials.

In the manufacturing process, a spray-dried, powder-like version of the rubber is used. While cosmetic manufacturers may use substitutes, there is no substitute for gum arabic in soft drinks, which prevents the ingredients from separating.


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