Turkey, opposition compromise: It will not be the mayor of Istanbul but Kilicdaroglu who will challenge Erdogan in the elections

The mayor of Istanbul, according to all polls, would have been better able to intercept the votes of young people and women, but the Turkish opposition parties were unable to crown him. Meanwhile, the president promised post-earthquake reconstruction and collects aid from Saudi Arabia: $5 billion is ready for the Central Bank to support the Bosphorus economy.

a complicated compromise lacking, perhaps, in courage And it may not be enough to oppose the Turkish president in the upcoming elections Rajab is good Erdogan. The Turkish opposition parties took a great risk not to find the square in a candidate unitarybut after initial disagreements they came up with a formula: 74 years Kemal Kilicdaroglu The candidate for president and mayors will run rampant Istanbul And AnkaraAnd this is in light of the great demand, especially among the most young man If they had legitimate ambitions, they would rather be his deputies in case of victory. Thus the circle was closed which in recent days had caused the abandonment of the pole of the opponents ofIyithe second force after the chapterhis leader Meral Aksner Then she returned to the ranks. At first, she did not give the green light to Kilicdaroglu’s candidacy because she was convinced that the mayor of Istanbul, Ekrem Imamogluhas more chances of victory, like the other mayor victorious Yafas.

Imamoglu, who was renamed the anti-Erdogan mayor, was last December convicted for “insulting public officials”, guilty according to a court in the country for the definition of “stupidThe Supreme Electoral Council who annulled his 2019 victory in Administrative. And that election was repeated, for the record, but Imamoglu won it again. Rather, his real mistake was that he was the first to defeat Erdoğan Sol’s candidate Bosphorus After 25 years of unchallenged management. Opinion polls have long considered him the title holder to defeat the incumbent Turkish president in the May 14 elections, but his allies were not enough to crown him. Meanwhile, the country after the shock of the tragedy Earthquake From a month ago, he did not seem to have lost much faith in the current president, who immediately announced that he was personally involved in the rebuilding of all Role Collapses. Another element that could play in favor of the government is the coming easing ofKingdom of Saudi Arabia Which will deposit 5 billion dollars in the coffers of the central bank turkey In order to support the Bosporus economy.

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“to support Economic growth Turkey’s social and sustainable development” are among the goals underlying the agreement, he said Riyadh. The kingdom described the move as “one certificate For the close cooperation and historical ties between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Republic of Turkey and its brotherly people. ” In fact it is one Lifebuoy Launched towards an economy that presents alarming numbers: Turkish lira It fell by 30% against the US dollar last year and by 44% in 2021. Moreover, last summer, foreign exchange reserves Turkey’s net debt has fallen to its lowest level in at least 20 years, while it has fallen by about $8.5 billion since the devastating earthquakes that struck the southern region of the country earlier. FebruaryThe earthquake caused total damage $34 billion According to estimates Bank world. Ironically, in the same period (next spring), two geopolitical rivals, such as Turkey and Greece, will run for elections, and both of them were affected by two. events disastrousThe earthquake and the railway disaster, which could, of course, have potential social reverberations electoral.

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