Between the early heat and violent thunderstorms, there are now imminent dangers for Italy, too

Severe weather in Europe

But what is happening to Europe’s climate? In recent weeks, the old continent has practically been divided into two parts: early heat on the one hand and violent storms on the other, and Italy often finds itself in the middle of the battlefield at the mercy of dangers in which our country may also recur. short term.

In recent days, the African anticyclone has been warming up the engines by sending the first wave of sweltering heat towards them Iberian Peninsula. It was an extreme event in all respects: as we can see from the map below it was there Thermal deviations are +12°C than one would expect at this time of year. All this resulted in maximum calorific values ​​of up to + 35/40 ° C In regions such as Andalusia, Extremadura, Murcia and southern Portugal.

Extreme temperatures in the Iberian Peninsula: peaks of more than 12 degrees Celsius above the climatic averages
in Spain So 2023 confirms and even exceeds the trend of 2022: it’s hotter and hotter, and it rains less and less. The country was in trouble severe dehydration (somewhat similar to our northern regions) and records increasingly high and above average temperatures for a prolonged period.

But be careful, it’s not just the heat that causes discomfort. Expanding our view of the entire European chessboard, we can see how in the next few days a The center of a vast depression fed by currents flowing from the Arctic It will be located near the UK. For this reason, we expect waves of bad weather across France, West and Central Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands throughout the week. Because of the strong contrasts between the different air masses, there were already particularly strong hailstorms and tornadoes between Westphalia and Saxony (Germany) and Wallonia (Belgium).

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And About Italy? What do we expect?
Our country will still find itself in the middle, in a kind of “convergence zoneWhere air masses of different origins interact (cold air of polar origin and warm African air). And in this “no-man’s land” the greatest and most dangerous contradictions take place: the heat that accumulates in the lower layers of the atmosphere increases The dangers of extreme weather events such as storms (Watch out for floods and torrents) Serious hailstorms.
It seems that at least until mid-May We’ll have to deal with a Unstable current flow Downhill from Northern Europe/Atlantic Ocean, all the way to the Mediterranean Basin.
In practice this can lead to a number of disorders Able to bring rain and thunderstorms: as often happens in this season, this does not mean that all days will be ruined by rain, but rather, these phenomena last a few hours at most and then the sun returns (classic spring instability).


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