Beyond the mysterious noise in the UK

Nearly two years ago, it was a city Halifax Live a nightmare. Thousands of citizens complain of hearing very low noise that disturbs their daily life day and night. The source of this noise is currently unknown, so much so that many international experts are trying to understand its source. Citizens fear for their health from insomnia as well as other diseases caused by this noise.

Some people found themselves in a Facebook group where they share experiences related to this low-frequency noise that causes most of the reported cases.”anxiety, Insomniadespair, headache, general tension, fear of insanity“It is described as a noise, if you hear it once you hear it forever. Yvonne Cunard was the first to reveal her problem. She first heard the noise a year and a half ago in the middle of the night and since then she has lived constantly with tinnitus in the background, the first thought being the sudden appearance of tinnitus, A hypothesis that was ruled out when it was realized that the noise was changing in intensity in different areas of the city.

In her house, the noise was louder than in other areas, and so she tried to find out the source, convinced that there was some equipment in her house, since none of her relatives heard any noise. on the thresholdexhaustion. Ms. Cunard decided to open the Facebook page to see if there were other people like her and the result was amazing. The page now has nearly 1,400 subscribers, often posting acoustic measurements which, according to automated measurements, oscillate between 30 and 40 decibels. Someone associates this noise with a car that travels without ever getting close.

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Halifax is not a new phenomenon in the UK. Since the 1970s, mysterious Halifax-like noises have been reported, but this phenomenon has also been reported from the other side of the world, in Australiaas well as in other European countries.

While citizens organize to collect signatures and send a letter to Boris JohnsonThe international community is working to find the causes of the noise. over there BBC You mentioned that the local council appears to have identified three potential sources of noise, which have yet to be announced. We are working to understand why despite the lack of noise all residents would perceive.


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