Montpellier surpasses the state franchise and regains the lead

Philippe Saint-André’s team, two games behind (against Toulon and Toulouse), has two points ahead of the LOU, and is on par with leader Bordeaux-Bègles, who is moving into the middle of the day at the end of the day. Very reduced.

Everything will roll for the Herald machine. The home run in front of the undefeated MHR and the guerrillas (22-20) in the top 14 from October 16 extends its unbeaten run to their ninth win in ten matches.

Unruly French State

Montpellier, transformed from coming under the control of Saint-Andr, once again relied on their power and their insurmountable defense to force the decision.

The state franchise (eighth), which has won five times in seven days, is hampered in its rise in the rankings, but is six points behind La Rochelle in sixth place.
With two yellow cards from Ryan Sabuiz (24th) and Moses Alo-Emil (58th), the very unrestrained Gonzalo Cusada’s team wasted many chances to get better than zero.

Montpellier got off to a great start of the match to extend the thirteen-point gap with a try from their third line center English Zack Mercer after a fantastic counter (18th).

The turn of the crowd took place shortly after the resumption. In an attempt to keep Paris in touch, Paris winger Adrian Lபேbeck (44th) was denied an attempt to revive Paris.

Three minutes later, third-seeded Alexandre Pecogni, who was cunning, scored the second attempt and gave the MHR some air.

Six minutes later, winger Gabriel Nakandebe awarded an offensive bonus to an unruly MHR.

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