Cancer horoscope today, Sunday 12 June 2022

Being overprotective of someone can be a way to keep them dependent. Halfway through is a virtue and that’s what is advised in this case.

things: You will have good intentions, but communication becomes difficult. Interventions of all kinds spoil your plans.

Wealth: It’s time for play, communication, and shared spaces for two. There is a lot of physical attraction between the two of you.

health: You will feel demanded like never before by your superiors or the circumstances you are going through. Take care of your mental health.

Cancer Characteristics

Is it The fourth sign of the zodiac is the crab. Together with Scorpio and Pisces, it belongs to water element and rules it Luna.

Cancers are emotional, affectionate, protective and sympathetic. They have a special memory And talent in the arts and literature. They are contradictory: they can be shy and sensitive, but at the same time ambitious and self-confident.

  • an item: seduce
  • method: Basic
  • polarity: feminine (yen)
  • ruling planet: Luna
  • Casa: 4
  • Metal: Plata
  • Piedra: Pearl and moonstone
  • the color: Grace
  • constellation: cancer

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