Barbara de Rigel decided not to train while they were worried about her health

Barbara Rigel He was on vacation in Punta Mita, Nayarit, and although he stopped for training every day, yesterday morning – April 17 – he decided not to.

He shared that after “eating fried food” and feeling bad all night, he heard his body telling him “don’t train today”.

And he asked his followers to do the same, though he stressed not to offend her, “Your body won’t tell you not to exercise every day.”

Since the owners of the hotel he was staying at noticed Barbara de Rigel’s absence in the gym, they immediately expressed their concern about it.

Barbara de Rigel ate too much fried food and couldn’t train

Barbara Rigel And he took advantage of the fact that he did not train yesterday – April 17 – to share with his followers a message of listening to what the body requires.

Although it’s believed that Barbara de Rigel never stops training, it doesn’t, the actress and fitness influencer spoke out when she stops exercising.

Barbara de Rigel, actress. (Maria Martinez/Coratoscoro)

On previous occasions, Barbara de Rigel had stopped training because she had stayed awake, when she was ill and happy to give herself a break.

Now, he said that while on vacation in Punta Mita, Nayarit, it was because he ate fried, and he remembered taking the risk despite knowing he did not tolerate this level of fat.

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He explained that he had a very heavy night, because he felt discomfort and inflammation that did not allow him to sleep well. Because of this, he decided not to train.

“Your body is warning you, be careful, don’t make a joke that your body is warning you every day not to train. I haven’t slept well at all, so I ate in the afternoon, your body is wise, and learn to listen to your body.”

Barbara de Rigel, actress.

Barbara de Rigel is not trained to eat fried food.

Barbara de Rigel is not trained to eat fried food. (barbaraderegil)

Barbara de Rigel worried about missing training

Barbara Rigel He stayed in a posh home over the Easter holidays, had a gym and when he missed his training, he worried the workers.

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The fitness influencer decided to listen to her body after a bad night of eating fried food.

Because she decided not to go to training, Barbara de Rigel showed a letter from the dormitory workers, in which they asked her if she was okay.

“Good morning, tell me you are not training today, is everything okay?”.

Barbara de Rigel, actress.

In addition to showing the attention she received from those who hosted her, she added a little laughter and tenderness to their concern for her health.

“Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha when they find out in the inn that I am not training… they worry how beautiful he is.”

Barbara de Rigel, actress.

Bárbara de Regil shows that they care about her for not training.

Bárbara de Regil shows that they care about her for not training. (barbaraderegil)

Since Bárbara de Regil started doing tiktoks with her daughter Mar de Regil, her haters were asked to “go to sleep” because of the kind of videos she was making.

“Now put Barbara de Rigel to sleep (sic)”.

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