Nodal se lanza contra la mamá de Belinda: "20 años recogiendo los frutos de su hija hasta dejarla sin nada"

After much silence about his breakup with BelindaAnd Christian Nodal And it exploded on social media, but this time against the father of his ex-fiancée, whom he accuses of collecting his daughter’s fruits “until you leave her with nothing”.

Through a Twitter post, Nodal shared a screenshot in which Belinda reads asking him if some money won’t come to him as well as his parents to fix his teeth.

“Honey, do you think I can fix my teeth this week, I mean, won’t any money come to you this week, except for my parents, so that I can fix them?” “Welcome to Eden,” the singer and actress wrote on WhatsApp, with Nodal writing to the audience:

“Twenty years he gathers the fruits of his daughter until he leaves her with nothing. Leave me alone I am a healer. I don’t bother you, I don’t even demand my half in songs or in life. Everything beautiful that happens is worth it and it cost me it too. When I’m tired of giving, it’s all over something “.

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Users have shared screenshots with a message from Belinda SchulBelinda’s mother, who would have encouraged Nodal to vent on Twitter: “The world is full of people who want to pick fruit from trees they have never planted or looked after before.”


A few days ago, it spread that Belinda’s mother responded to a netizen who said I hope Belinda won’t be back anymore with “Nodal’s naco”.

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Other users tell Nodal that he doesn’t have to explain himself, but he, being very active in the conversation, replied:

“Yes, I have because I want to focus my career on giving love from the depths to the world. And with these foolish people dragging me down, I won’t. I need to get rid of those ghosts that haunt me.”

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A love that ended badly

Belinda and Christian Nodal shared a version of “La Voz en Azteca” where their love and relationship will materialize in 2020. The following year, in May 2021, the couple got engaged but in February of this year the news of their separation surprised.

At that time, the couple did not give details of the reasons for their breakup, only Nodal told the public to keep the beauty. Now, the “Goodbye love” singer breaks up and reveals why their relationship failed: Belinda’s parents and the money involved.



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