Laurent Roquier, Leah Salameh, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard of the Pakistan Air Force?  Philip Cavervier Swings!

The rumor has been circulating for a while, and it was confirmed this week. After 17 years at the France 2 evening box, Laurent Ruquier decided to throw in the towel. This Saturday, June 4th, Philippe Cavervier who works at We are alive Two years ago he said goodbye that the host will not soon forget!

Laurent Rocker turn the page. After 16 seasons at the controls, the France 2 host star will leave the box on Saturday night. After weeks of rumors Telerama Who revealed the shocking information for the end of the season, Friday, June 3rd. Confirmed news, a few hours later on Instagram By the 59-year-old host. “Thank you again to the viewers for their loyalty to me all these years. Thank you to the artists, writers, singers, actors and comedians, known or lesser known, for making me Confidence to provide more visibility for their cultural activities. I will miss thempointed out. Then Laurent Rucker revealed what prompted him to retire: “It is my decision to leave this period of time without being comfortable hosting a talk show. I have tried but despite my natural understanding With Leah Salama, I find exercise very frustratingConfessed to the companion of Hugo Manos.

Laurent and Leah couldn’t kill each other.”

What raises suspicions of disagreement between Leah Salama and her mentor. As the show’s two-year columnist, Philippe Cavervier, said goodbye to the show on Saturday, June 4th, he seemed inclined not to give the host duo a gift, even if it meant embarrassing them.” You have to tell the truth to the viewers, He said in a tone in front of the camera, Laurent and Leah couldn’t kill each other He announced in a confident tone, which made Laurent Roquier laugh.They are Johnny Depp and Amber Heard from France Tele “He is finished.” We should see our pillows yeah ‘ confirmed Laurent Roquier, referring to the dark tale of ‘poo in bed’ that was revealed during the trial that had previously opposed the horrific Hollywood buffs.Oh no he didn’t! “Léa Salamé shot between laughter and dismay… Without Laurent Ruquier, there is no doubt that next season will have a completely different tone…

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