LHe ended the party at Miami Beach. The tourist Florida city officials declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew in the face of crowds of out-of-control visitors. As with every March, during the spring break, thousands of people flocked to this Miami-facing island. This year, the phenomenon is even more serious, with several months of mourning and health restrictions in the country and with 13% of the population fully vaccinated, the epidemic is now under control.

Every evening, the same scene: masked youths from across the country dance to the sound of loud speakers on the roofs of cars, often causing clashes with police. “More people are clear than in previous years,” city mayor Dan Kelber declared, declaring a state of emergency and ordering a curfew. At 8pm, all tourists will now have to leave the streets, while bars and restaurants will have to lower the curtain. These measures, which were ordered on Saturday, will be in effect for at least 72 hours.

Currently the “lowest places” are open for dinner in the United States

The mayor of Miami Beach says the arrival of these tourists is “not open anywhere else in the country, or it’s too cold.” The restaurants reopened last May, and the beaches in June. Republican Gov. Ron de Sandis never ordered the mask to be worn.

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