Bridges, public holidays, how to enhance your vacation

The final holidays of 2021 are over and by 2022 our minds are already wandering towards the next. How can we better organize ourselves to enhance our leisure time with public holidays? Here is what the calendar tells us.

It’s not too early to plan your next vacation. If we still do not know whether we will get out of the Govt epidemic, nothing will stop us from setting strategic days that will allow us to use the bridges.

This year, May 1 and 8 should not count as non-working days, because in 2022 they fall on Saturdays. The same sentence that happens on Sunday, December 25th.

If you land on Friday 27th May, you can take advantage of the Ascension Bridge which starts on Thursday 26th May. That means 4 days will not work if extended to Sunday.

Another opportunity, by posing on Friday, July 15, next to the national holiday on July 14th. Again, 4 days is possible to go on a long weekend.

Finally on All Saints’ Day, by posing on Monday 31st October. We allow 3 day weekends.

Occurring in the Occitany C Zone, the winter vacation runs from February 19th to March 6th. In the spring children do not go to school from April 23 to May 8.

For the summer, wait until July 7th. Then, All Saints’ Day school holidays have dates common to zones A, B and C. They will start after class on Saturday, October 22, 2022 for all 3 zones.


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