Paulina Rubio celebrated another year, and the big absent was my mom!

Without a doubt, Paulina Rubio is going through a bittersweet moment, because on the one hand she has achieved great success with her concert tour, which led her to sing in several cities in the United States.

But on the other hand, he had to overcome the ordeals that life brought him on a personal and family level, because two months ago it was announced that his mother, actress Susana Dusamantes, who is fighting cancer. .

Last Thursday, June 16, “La Chica Dorada” took to her social networks to express her happiness for another year of her life: “Happy birthday to me!” Written in English, she also added some emojis denoting the occasion as well as the hashtag “Grateful.”

Along with these words, the singer shared a short video in which she is seen sitting at the table in front of a gorgeous cake, with her children next to her. As expected, reactions to this post were immediate.

In addition to warm congratulations from her loyal fans, Polina also received some messages from famous friends and colleagues: “Congratulations, beautiful!” Jackie Bracamontes commented. “Congratulations, beautiful Flavia. I love you,” Eric Rubin wrote.

Paulina also shared some glimpses of her birthday celebration on her Instagram Stories, revealing how much fun she had.

Covered in glamour, photos showed the singer surrounded by her loved ones, apparently in a restaurant, when a huge cake decorated with gold detailing and an inverted ice cream cone arrived at her table.

Paulina Rubio celebrated another year, and the big absent was my mom!


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