El Buki drinks toast on stage and praises Guatemala's most famous rum

“And Now You’re Leaving”, “Jealousy”, “The Soul is Dying”, are some of the songs with which the artist captivated Guatemalans.

Marco Antonio Solis “El Boque” has delighted Guatemalans from the moment he took over the stage and the atmosphere became more intense with every song and greetings from the 62-year-old Mexican artist.

The artist captivated Guatemalans with the blows that made him one of the candidates in all of Latin America. But he also made everyone dance to his lively songs.

“El Buki” took advantage of an onstage pose to toast a tequila named Tesoro Azul, while praising Ron Zacapa’s taste.

The Mexican booked Guatemala as part of his “What a Wish to See You” tour, which took place in the Esplanada Cardales Cayalá. The song “God Bless Guatemala” was one of his first phrases, after he impressed his followers with his first and second songs.

“In Guatemala you know how to love,” Solis sang with thousands of Guatemalans the song “Your Imprisonment,” when he decided to make a minor adjustment, which was well received by his followers.

With over 40 million copies of his albums sold and over 9 million listeners per month on digital platforms, Marco Antonio Solis is one of the most important figures in Mexican and Latin music.

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