Villefranche works almost perfectly well by controlling sedans

The lovely folk celebration of the crowd’s return to the Stade Armand Chauvet took place on Monday with the arrival of the Sedan. For more than an hour, with the Villefranche Beaujolais club still fumbling, the 2,000 or so spectators thought they were leaving without seeing a target and were able to roar with pleasure. But Calado finally managed to convert one of their chances by Elisor, at a racy end to the match after a slow start, to claim their first win at The National.

This happy, late result could have been very different against Arden and they would have better come back into this match with their 4-3-3, good pressure and arrangement in Ron’s midfield, and their speed in the lanes. Jimmy Nerlo returned to defense after Borg’s first midfield game, and struggled to contain Jeeran’s disturbance, after a boring first quarter hour. And the former Ducherois presented two goal balls in the returning centers.

But at first, Bakhshi saw Caladoys Pouille goalkeeper stepping out of the show on his line with the tip of his foot (19). Prior to this attempt framed but without danger occurred Ramalingom (25). In the meantime, Dabbas approached the opening with a powerful and terrifying cross shot, after a wonderful three-way match with Toflip and Bagheri (21). But the first act was distinguished by the inaccuracy and spontaneity of FCVB attacks, despite the better half-time and Sergio’s attempts (38), with a half-volley after a free kick into the wall, and then wicker. (42), with a powerful shot at 20 meters well captured by Lembet.

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Sedan should have been awarded a penalty in overtime

Until the hour of play, Sedan gave his match and again saw that Pouille interfered in front of Al-Bukhishi with a closed angle (56th place). But the lightning changed the course of the game. On a superb long ball from Remy Sergio from his camp, Simone Elisor, on loan from Ajaccio, made the difference over the last defender under his control and finished with a duel (1-1, 67).

A goal that completely liberated the fans as well as Kevin Reno’s gang, which tripled the number of his chances in five minutes. Nerlo was close to a break at the corner, with a slightly higher deviation (70). Ahead of fresh inspiration from Elisor, whose uncontrolled rebound from Martin’s cross ended a few centimeters to the left (75), then this powerful blow from a stapler over the illuminator (77).

A sign that FCVB still has to improve its offensive and ending animations. But all it took was inspiration and a bit of luck, as this penalty in overtime was denied to Arden for this more than a limited block of Romany in the Ramalingom at the entrance to the rooftop, for Beaujolais to enjoy his return to Armand-Chauvet.

the paper

Watani – Day Two
At Stade Armand Chauvet, FC Villefranche Beaujolais – CS Sedan – Ardennes: 1-0 (0-0)
Rule: M dos Santos
But : Eleasure (67) by Villefranche
Warnings: Elyssure (23rd place), Fligo (45th place), Khous (74th place) by Villefranche, Ayari (31st place), Fofana (81st place) and Belhadj (87th place) for Villefranche.
Terms : Nice weather, the grass is in good condition
FCVB : Bouet – Nirlo, Renaut (Cap), Flégeau (Romany 76) – Martin, Khous, Sergio, Taufflieb (Injai (87), Pagerie – Elisor (Manseri 88), Dabasse (Guilavogui (ranked 88). Entr: Hervé Della Maggiore
Then : Lampet – Harvey, Peres, Fofana (Matondo 84), Belhaj – Burgunt (Meciato 68), Ayari, Dahshur (Benoit 79) – Bakhshi (Bakosh 68), Ramalingom, Jeeran. entrance. : Oliver Saraglia

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