Saturday, October 2, at Voice all the starsAnne Sila and Echo opened cross fights. And it qualified with 74% of the public vote. What deceives internet users.

The blind choices are over. Coach teams are over … but they won’t stay that way. Saturday, October 2, at Voice all the starsThis is the beginning of the cross fight. Policy: A coach chooses one of his candidates to face the candidate of one of the other coaches … without knowing which talent he will face. The first to leave was Florent Bagney. And For the first fight, that is Anne Sila He chose to challenge Micah who had chosen him to send Echo. Performed first The writing is on the wall, De Sam Smith.

A service that truly does not trust Internet users. “Anne Sila I like it in general, it was nice, but it’s not superfluous”, “Yeah … Anne Sila is a fantastic voice, no need to shout all the time … it destroys everything”, “Anne Sila it was wrong, wrong, Not pretty. Completely missed. A shipwreck “, We read specifically on Twitter. Chose the second topic It must have been love, By Roxette, and, despite some misrepresentations, captivated the audience. “Echo sings more accurately than Anne Sila”, A user summary. But the general public Voice all the starsHe preferred Anne Sila to Echo.

“Such a big defeat for Echo is unjustified”

Anne Sila really deserves the rest of the match By winning over 74% of the general vote. A variant for Internet users. “I don’t think it’s fair that Anne Sila got more than 70% of the vote.”, One of them commented. “If we only evaluate this performance, Echo deserves to pass, but if we know what Anne Sila’s talent is, it’s difficult to eliminate …”, “So I like Echo’s performance once in the first few notes”Honestly such a big defeat for Echo is unjustified“,” I like both but I like the softness of the echo “, We can also read on Twitter. Unfortunately this is the game.

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