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The video was shot last July 22 by Nepalese Mingma G Sherpa. In 70 years, fewer than 400 climbers have climbed to the top of “Mount Italians”. Nirmal Purja shows a picture of her 32 clients captured above

Another photo of a column of mountaineers on the summit of Otomela returns to talk. And that’s even more impressive than that It was taken on May 23, 2019 at the top of Everest (8848), the day 354 climbers managed to climb to the highest point on Earth. Because this time it is a video shot by Mingma G Sherpa on K2, which is 8,611 meters high and is the second mountain on the planet but considered one of the most difficult to conquer, until yesterday there was a gym for a very small elite. According to a statistic updated as of February 2021, while Everest was reached 10,658 times, K2 was only 377 times. On July 22, the day the video for “Mountain of the Italians” was filmed, 145 climbers reached K2, a number that has reached K2 in forty years.from 1954 (first historical rise by Achilles Compagoni and Lino Lacidelli, then rewritten thanks to Walter Bonati Facts) until 1996.

Video of Mingma Ji Sherpa, 33, the youngest of all 8,000 climbers, Among the ten Nepalese (including Nirmal Purja) who first completed the winter ascent to K2 in 2021, explains that this too is now a commercial mountain. The same these days are the same Nirmal Purja climbed K2 for the second time (“Without Oxygen” wanted to emphasize social networks), bragging about bringing all 32 customers who were with him to the top and displaying the photo of the long, taut party behind him. Instead, Mingma G Sherpa accompanied his video explaining that the area in which it was made is a notorious area.”The bottleneck, the scariest part of K2″a narrow pass located 400 meters below the summit and dominated by the cerax, which mountaineers have to cross for a hundred meters. It is one of the most terrifying arcade in K2, subjected to avalanches and physical falls.

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Last year’s historic K2 winter foray showed everyone the skills of the Nepalese, no longer just a trusted “sherpa” for western mountaineers, and becoming an extraordinary marketing tool to promote their guide and agency work. They applied what they already did to Everest on K2they equipped the boarding with large quantities of materials, a rope line for boarding and another for descending to avoid traffic jams, providing their extraordinary experiences. The mountains (even the most hostile ones) are within reach. With the inevitable controversies, if this is the philosophy to follow, but also what dangers are there, for example, if Syrac, as happened in Marmolada, should suddenly collapse.

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