Emmanuel and Christine Vanbellingen are delighted to see one of their clients win €70,522 in the lottery. New record for press tobacco at Cours Ausone, in Bazas (Girond). (© Republican)

“Come on … You know, I have the liquids. I saved more than 70,000 euros.” Behind the counter of the Ausone tobacco press in Bazas (Gironde), Emmanuel Vanbellingen shows a big smile.

One of his clients tried his luck at a scratch card game. The master of the place, he has something to be happy about. A few days ago, on Wednesday October 20, 2021, Bazadais dealer had a small surprise. On that day, one of the regular players came with his lotto ticket. balance sheet? He won 70,522 euros.

The most incredible thing about this story is thatEmmanuel Vanbellingen did not immediately realize what was happening.

“The customer brought me his ticket. When you pass it on to me and I scan it into my device, it shows me the ‘jackpot’. At first, to be honest, I didn’t mind… I asked him to go and get me a rib for transportation. That’s when I understood. I He wrote: “Contact the payment center. “That’s what we did. We took the client aside. He called and then went to Mérignac to get paid.”

Emmanuel VanbellingenAusone tobacco press, in Bazas

And this is how the bazadi won Cute little lotto prize. And to say it to one person, He could have become a millionaire. It really didn’t go away at all…

Find the full story and more testimonials in the language Republic of South Gironde From Thursday 11 November 2021. Find out Digital edition here.
The front page of the Republic of South Gironde on Thursday, November 11, 2021 /
The front page of the Republic of South Gironde on Thursday, November 11, 2021 / (© Republican)


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