“When the Supreme Pontiff is sick, a wind or a concave hurricane will blow.” I have announced Pope Francesco via Radio Cobb, stopping rumors haunting each other in the Vatican and its surroundings about his possible resignation for health reasons. “A nurse saved my life. A man with a lot of experience,” Bergoglio added about his colon surgery last July 4.

This is the second time a nurse has saved my lifePope Francis revealed that: The first was in the year ’57’, noting that when he was 21, part of his right lung was removed. On that occasion the Italian clergyman who was a nurse in Argentina was decisive, while this time he was the guardian angel Massimiliano Strapetti. write it on Corriere de la SerreA, who outlined this man’s profile, described him as “very conservative”.

“Fifty-two years old, loving father and husband, described by those who knew him as generous – we read on Coursera – and devoted to others even outside of his work. A commitment to volunteer work leads him to care for the last people dear to Pope Francis. In service to The Vatican’s medical guard, after a career at Gemelli. He provided assistance with the Pope, Whitila, and Pope Ratzinger.”

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