Senegal eliminates Egypt at the end of the suspense and in an overly exciting situation

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At the new and white-hot Abdoulaye-Wade Stadium, Senegal had to beat Egypt for a penalty shootout and get a ticket to the World Cup in Qatar (0-1, 1-0, 3-2 ad). In two months, the Pharaohs will lose one African Cup and a place in the World Cup against the Teranga Lions.

Senegal was firmly waiting for Egypt. If the Pharaohs are buzzing as soon as they arrive in the country, it’s nothing compared to the tumultuous reception by Lion fans at Diamniadio’s brand new stadium.

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“We’m going to eat them!”

Senegalese people moved en masse as the doors opened at 10am. By noon, the stadium was already half full with festive atmospheres of yellow, red and green. With a little blue, a flag was hoisted in support of Ukraine. Within an hour of the start of the match, seats were scarce, with long queues of spectators still waiting to enter the enclosure.

To this crowd of Lions supporters, defeat or disqualification seemed unthinkable: “We’m going to eat them! We’m going to eat them!”, They sing to their opponents.

The Teranga Lions enter with thunderous applause as Sadio Mane, first at the bottom of the lawn, grabs the crowd with his wide arms. The tone is set with the pronga welcoming the first three pharaohs under the lawn. Lasers are projected on Egyptian workers. For the next two hours, Senegal decided to drop its nickname “Teranga Nadu” or “Hospitality” on Volop.

Once they arrive, dozens of coaches of Egyptian supporters are fighting for their place on the stand because their bleachers are simply occupied. They are forced to go through one of the corners of the stadium and the edge of the field and reach the stand, where they receive projectiles that defy the announcer’s calls for silence. “Float, float, float”, the Egyptian anthem and the whistle blowing loudly as smoke explodes throughout the stadium.

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Under these conditions, the Lions know that victory is essential, especially with a 1-0 defeat in the first leg. Every touch of the ball, no matter how trivial, gives a standing ovation. Results are not expected. On a free kick on the right wing by Salio Ciss, the defense was badly pushed back. To push the ball to the bottom of the cages, Paule Thea uses the mess (7e, 1-0). He thus became the first goal scorer in the official match in the history of the stadium.

A violent rivalry, broken by mistakes

The competition is going on and it will be hot. Teams surrender step by step, viz. On his bench, volcanic Carlos Guerrero gets angry at referee and his teammate Alyo Cisse, who is also angry. With the exception of long shots like Mohamed Elneni (14), both teams are struggling to get close to the opposing goal.e) Or sir (28e33e), Or corner (24e)

In CAN-2022, Egypt shows its flawless defensive structure and a small volume that leaves little room for Senegal attacks. The Lions did not panic, responding to the Egyptian physical challenge and looking for a start on a free kick: the ball slipped to Mane, who overflowed and turned towards Cue, who did not exert enough force on his shot (37).e) Minutes later, Nambalis Mendy took advantage of the opportunity, but the ball bounced off the Egyptian post (44).e)

At half-time, the announcer calls the crowd to calm down. Less smoke, less projectiles and more motivation, he says. The lasers injected into the eyes of the Egyptians were not enough to calm them down, or booze when they returned from the locker room.

It could not rain at Trézéguet Stadium. Mohamed Salah temporarily tossed it to the left from 5.50m on the edge of the penalty area. Galatasaray Winger throws a cross from the left, which is deflected back to ground by Edward Mendy (52).e) Boulaye Dia, found in the area, tries to respond. Senegalese demand penalty following Imam Ashour’s accusation, in vain (55)e)

It looks like the Senegalese players will start their march again, but Jizo failed to surprise his opponents by equalizing. The Pharaoh striker gets a cross from the right path and puts a cross head, which takes Edward Mendy on the wrong foot. The ball missed the target (71e)

El-Shenawi in the state of grace

The stadium suffocates as Sadio Mane throws Ismail Charr behind the guards. Watford winger comes against Mohamed El-Shenawy but opens his legs too much (82e) A defeat could haunt him for a long time because it pushed both teams into extra time.

In this 120 minute match scenario, Egypt proved that they are second to none. Things can get very complicated, especially for the slightly targeted lions. Ismail Sir again lost to the goalkeeper (93e) Pape Abou Cissé and Cheikh Bamba Dieng emerge from the corners taken by Sadio Mané on the left, and Mohamed El-Shenawy makes powerful recovery from the skull thanks to the beautiful bar (94).e) After a few minutes both failed again (103e) Each time, the doorkeeper stays on the floor for long seconds to save time.

Within two months of the final in Yaounde, it appeared that it was written that these qualifying rounds would be played again on penalties. Goalkeeper missed his penalty from the start, which came out of the crossbar, but Salah did badly by sending the ball to the stand. Two failures of Salio Sis and Jiso following captains. Ismail is not the sir, he stumbles so hard on the Egyptian doorstep and finally finds fault. Elsolia does the same.

Idrissa Kue is once again giving his team the advantage, while the Egyptians have missed his attempt. Like Yaounde, the match point is in Sadio Mane. The Lions superstar did not go into details and happily toppled Senegal once again by qualifying for its third World Cup.

Smoke bombs, invasion of the stadium and public delight … In almost three hours of suffocation, the Abdulla-Wade Stadium explodes with its delight. It is necessary to believe that Senegal wished for victory and the tears of the Egyptians.


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