Who pays for the quarantine?  What happens to the pros at the airport

There is news for travelers entering the national territory. by decree”extension Emergency National and other measures to contain the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic“Further measures are to be taken against coronavirus infection. Among them, sample tests have also been introduced, and in case of a result positive, Ten days of credit isolation are expected for a traveler who arrives in Italy.

The decree was signed on December 23 by the Council of Ministers and published in the Official Gazette. “For the purpose of containing the spread of the Sars-Cov-2 virus, the Maritime, Air and Border Health and Health Assistance Offices of the Ministry of Health staff, even on a sample basis, at airports, sea and land, antigen test Or particles of travelers entering the national territory“.

If the test is found to be positive for a molecular or antigenic buffer,For the traveler, it applies, with Fees at your own expenseTen-day credit isolation, if necessary, in Covid hotels“What does this mean? This means that those who test positive to enter Italy will have to pay for quarantine in a Covid hotel.

Moreover, in the decree published in the Gazette, the army’s support for conducting mass screening when students return to schools was provided. This is a necessary system for resume tracing and infection containment. The decree states that “The Department of Defense ensures the support of the Autonomous Regions and Provinces in the implementation of the testing management activities for Sars-CoV-2 research and associated analysis and reporting through the military laboratories of the network Molecular Diagnostics It is located on the national territory“.

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At the same time, we read that as of January 10 and “Until the end of the emergency” the Super Green Pass It will also be necessary for museums, cultural venues, gyms, swimming pools, team sports, health centers, spas, spas, theme parks and cultural centers. But also in entertainment and social rooms, bingo halls, betting and casinos. So 6 million euros have been allocated to “Strengthening guarantee Strategic Infrastructure To meet the needs related to the Covid-19 pandemic and ensure capacity for any future health emergencies“.

As mentioned in the Gazeta to the Extraordinary Commissioner for Emergencies Francesco Paolo Vigliolo will complete”Supplying Ffp2 or Ffp3 type masks for educational, school and university institutions“.


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