Borrell's (deleted) tweet after sanctions against Russia -
to Francesca Basso

Yesterday, European Union Foreign Minister Josep Borrell published a series of 4 tweets in which he announced the imposition of sanctions against Russia over the crisis in Ukraine. One was later canceled

from our reporter
BRUSSELS – This book sparked reactions immediately after its publication – and even after its cancellation.

Tweet of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Spanish Josep Borrellbecame a small case.

And on Tuesday evening, Borrell posted four tweets presenting the sanctions decided by the foreign ministers of the 27 European Union countries “to respond forcefully to Russia’s illegal action against Ukraine.”

The first three were the list of outlined actions, delivered in a dry diplomatic tone.

Instead, the last tweet had an entirely different and ridiculous track record: “No more shopping in Milan, partying in Saint-Tropez, diamonds in Antwerp. This is the first step. We are united”.

The reference is Russian oligarchs under sanctions. Certainly effective but not very appropriate.

The tweet, with an unusual tone for the type of communication a High Representative’s account typically adopts, has been removed, but can still be seen in reply and comments to tweets I attached a screenshot.

During the press conference at the end of the Foreign Affairs Council that gave the green light to the sanctions package, Borrell explained that “It is clear that sanctions do not have miraculous effects, they are harmful and costly.” But “I’m not like a red light”.

Borrell added that the EU “preferred to retain some deterrence capabilities in response to the new measures by Russia, and we fear that it is possible. There is an arsenal of weapons and we have to follow the events.”

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Feb 23, 2022 (change on Feb 23, 2022 | 10:50am)


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