Les Français n'ont plus que quelques heures pour gonfler leur compte personnel de formation (CPF) des euros non utilisés issus du DIF.

For latecomers, there is still time to recover up to 1, 1,800 in training. The French have only two days to raise their personal training account (CPF) with unused euros from the previous personal training system DIF.

The six-month period granted by the Ministry of Labor ends on June 30. Movement accelerates: From June 22 to 27, more than 224,500 people carried out this manipulation. After all, some users will lose valuable training time, since 2015, nearly 7 million DIFs have already been seized, a total of eight billion euros.

Knowing that your DIF120 can count unused hours, it is still possible to transfer training rights to your CPF for 1,800 at a rate of யூ 15 per hour. Thus, on average, 1,279 euros were exchanged by beneficiaries. DIF happened between 2004 and 2014: so only the employees who worked during this period are concerned.


To transfer your time from one account to another, the first step is to link to your personal space at moncompteformation.gouv.fr. Then, go to the “My Training Rights” tab. Above your history, a tab with a clickable link will appear: “Enter my DIF”. You can enter the number of DIF hours you left and provide proof of that.

You can consult your pay slips for December 2014 or January 2015 to find out your possible DIF times. In 2014 your last employer must have sent you a specific certificate covering all of your rights.

Please note that if you worked for multiple employers at the end of 2014, you should include the DIF hours in the various certificates sent to you by each of your employers. On the other hand, if you have multiple successive employers, only the last certificate is taken into account.

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