As the Lily team was wiped out by seven Govt diseases, fans from both camps are looking forward to a closer match.

This Tuesday, January 4, RC Lens and LOSC will play 16 rounds of the Coupe de France, even though not all supporters will be able to come to the stadium due to the health cage and travel ban of 5,000 people. Lily people.

On the stadium’s frozen stands or in front of the TV, it’s a bar, and in the heads of supporters the time-honored formula sounds: “You can’t play a derby, it wins”.

This did not stop 70-year-old Bernard Magnier, a supporter of the LOSC, from revealing some reservations: “I doubt the success. The lens is not bad at the moment.”. He wonders who on his team can score: “There are not a lot of people in front of us”, He worries. Regular scorers have been suspended (Yilmas), injured (Weeh), Kovit (David) or gone to the transfer window (Ikoné). Bernard, on the other hand, clearly identified the dangerous players in the RC lens: “Seko Fofana and Gale Caguda scare me. Especially Fobana, he has some needs.”

This is the first game of the year for both teams. It also brings up the role of questions: “What will the players’ form be like after the break? It’s still the start of the year to play.”, Note the sponsor.

On the part of Lenzoys supporters who questioned, skepticism did not take much place: “We are perfect, we are not afraid of anyone”, An example of Willy Buttis, a member of a group of Turbulence supporters based in Galilee. Describing his pre-match mood, Jonathan Delio, chairman of the KSO Support Group, summarizes it in a brief note: “We beat them, period.”. KSO members will not be on the field tonight against the 5,000 people approved by the government.

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Willie Putus will be at the stadium with his son tonight and looks forward to the tough match his club will win: “They have a good game”, He agreed about Losc. He also lamented that the ground could not accommodate more people. What does he think about the travel ban affecting Lily supporters? “We will skip this chapter”, He concludes.


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