Will Pokemon Go players leave Discord for Campfire?
In the uproar, Niantic is holding on to its biggest hit and using Discord to try to get Pokémon Go players back.

All of Niantic’s efforts with Pokémon Go (despite several recycling efforts with different licenses) have not been a huge success, and the studio is expected to deal with financial problems while laying off 8% of its staff (about 80 positions). Four projects that rely on augmented reality. But The company wants to do well and is counting on Pokemon Go and its larger community to put some butter on the spinach.

Will Pokemon Go players leave Discord for Campfire?

Niantic officially released Campfire (a few months after the beta), allowing Pokémon Go players (but not limited to) to find each other, join communities, coordinate events, meet new players, and get a comprehensive overview of Pokémon. On the map, send notifications to local players and set up raids. Campfire will initially be available to German players The Pokémon GO Festival was held in BerlinBefore being used In the coming months to the rest of the world. Niantic hopes to unite many Pokémon Go players who currently heavily use Discord under its banner. Getting together and hunting creatures with strange names for the uninitiated.

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