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at Ranking of the 10 most polluted cities in Europe, four of them Italian and all located in the Po Valley. Cremona, Pavia, Brescia and Vicenza They have a very poor air quality rating and share this unenviable record with many cities in Poland near coal mining areas. was the order Published by the European Environment Agency (Aea) and takes into account the concentration of fine particulate matter measured between 2019 and 2020. The best air quality report card goes to a number of Scandinavian cities as well as the Spanish city of Salamanca – surprisingly.

Developed a smog map 323 European cities under review Starting from the limit set by the World Health Organization (Who is the) Under which the permissible threshold is 10 micrograms of 2.5 per cubic meter of air. For its part, the European Union الاتحاد hazardous air quality When this focus remains – in the long term – further Above 25 mcg per cubic meter. Although there has been a clear improvement in air quality in Europe in the past 10 years – as Aea writes in its report – from the last annual assessment conducted in the field, it is clear that in 2018 exposure to fine particulate matter was. It caused about 417,000 premature deaths in 41 European countries.

Here, then, is the arrangement that emerges from these measurements, according to which healthy air in 5 European cities is so poorThese are the Poles Novi Saxes (27.31 particle concentration) e squeaks (25, 15), Cremona (25,86), Vicenza (25,58) H Slavonsky Brod, in Croatia (25.75). The list also includes the 10 worst Krakow, Piotrkow, Zuri (always in Poland), Much (in Bulgaria) plus Brescia and Pavia. a Milan Concentration measured by Aea 20,13 ea Rome 12,94. Best Instead, they are found in Uppsala, Stockholm (in Sweden), Tallinn Narva and Tatu (all in Estonia), Bergen and Trondheim (Norway), and Salamanca (Spain). everybody It has fine dust values ​​of less than 5.

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The concentration of toxins in the air of northern Italy strongly influences the Italian report card. last november 10 The European Court of Justice condemned the government of Rome for violating air quality limits between 2008 and 2017 systematically and continuously. Italy has been criticized for not taking adequate measures to combat air pollution.

Pollution, smog and the environment: insights

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