A herd of elephants goes to the cave every night, which will not fail to amaze you

This group of elephants heads every night to a specific cave. Why they do this is even more surprising.

Herd of elephants in the cave – Viaggi.nanopress.it

Elephants are large mammals with long trunks. There are several types of them around the world, and they also have ivory-coloured fangs. The main species that we can categorize are for example African, Asian and forest species. All these species are divided among themselves according to different shapes, sizes and weights, but above all according to where they have been able to survive best.

The main reason this happens is because everyone is so scared of how big they are.

Today we will see a very special story, where a herd of elephants go inside a cave every night. However, to leave you speechless, that would be the real reason why they would do this. Let’s take a closer look at what it is.

These elephants enter the cave

Elephants are a species that could be threatened with extinction. Indeed, according to studies, the number of elephants has clearly decreased in percentage terms in recent years. There is talk of a more or less 62% reduction.And this is a disturbing fact to say the least, as we could all adopt greater security measures, which would further protect them.

The main reason one of these species is endangered is food, as many of them head to garbage dumps for food. Elephants are not at all dangerous to humans, unless they are very disturbed.

They are animals that in most cases obtain food on their own, thanks to the nature that surrounds them and is very extensive. If we go into a better understanding of why some elephants go inside the cave every night, you will be amazed.

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We are in Kenya, namely on the border with Uganda. There is a volcano that died out centuries ago, called Monte Egon, here. The sides of the Great Mountain contain recesses, also called grottoes, that lead directly into the bowels of the volcano. There are a lot of scientists who try to enter it every year to discover the rare beauty that it can contain, But no human has managed to penetrate so far.

herd of elephants
Herd of elephants – travel.nanopress.it

The fauna that covers this volcano is always present and very rich. In particular it is inhabited by elephants. On one particular day, some hikers find themselves on the slopes of this mountain. With the intention of visiting him during the whole day. However, they were unable to visit the entire mountain, even the area that would obviously be suitable for men, so they decided to camp near one of the many caves. In particular the one they chose is Ketum CaveHowever, they decide to stay outside and only enter if they feel threatened. Fortunately they did not because soon after settling in for the night they heard heavy footsteps.

They are elephants about to come towards them, they immediately decide to take cover and let them pass hoping they won’t notice their presence. and it was, A herd of elephants, led by the herd leader, entered Ketum Cave, and did not come out of it for a few hours. According to some research they did, they found out that these elephants enter this cave every night. But what is the real reason?

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The reason is just that

Every night African savannah elephants plunge into the bowels of the volcanoThe reason is not yet clear. What can be inferred because they travel every night, Maybe because they are looking for something that will be beneficial for their survival.

The caves have been used by the Maasai for generations to survive. To this day, no human being can stay inside anymore. When there is no water or food in the areas around Kenya and Uganda, or especially around Mount Igon, the elephants have to find something to ensure their survival.

An elephant in the cave
Elephant in the Cave – Viaggi.nanopress.it

It is no coincidence that they chose the bowels of Mount Aegon, there is a reason in particular that will make you hold your breath. In fact, the walls of Keaton Cave are rich in mineral salts, especially sodium, which is essential if there is nothing else around for elephants.

There are many scientists who are passionate about this world of animals who continue to conduct research even today, hence the conclusion that elephants probably already know about the benefits that sodium or other mineral salts can contain in their diet. That is why they go to this cave every night to be able to feed them Like this and above all because at night they are more likely not to be disturbed by anyone including humans.

These large mammals, under the guidance of the leader of the herd, make a real pilgrimage to remove all mineral salts from the walls of the cave. All made possible by their proboscis, which is also very long, they were able to reach the top and store the salts. Many scholars were shocked and moved by these scenes.

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